🎵Diddle-oo-doo, diddle-oo-doo-doo / It’s the final countdown🎵

🎵Diddle-oo-doo, diddle-oo-doo-doo / It’s the final countdown🎵 So here I am, outside the place that has employed me for 13 years to write headlines, maintain linguistic standards, and change all instances of “Dr Who” to Doctor Who. It’s my last day today — henceforth I will be a freelancer, wielding my lance freely, in the general direction of words, always on the side of consistency, clarity and concision [Ed: Re that last one, clearly no one edits your posts. Me: This is true. Haha!] 🔍📝 ✂This has been a ginormous step to take. Thank you so much to all those friends (here and IRL) and family who have encouraged me, to the colleagues from whom I have learned so much (the first lesson was how to drink 3 pints mid-shift on the paper, come back and coherently subedit late-breaking stories for the next edition, though those days are long gone), and Mr Words for believing I can make it. Now to hand in my badge and gun (security pass and green visor), say toodle-pip to some very special folks and then try to last the course at the party tonight. My posts are likely to have at least as much emotion as wool in them for a bit… Here we go! #knitter #quitter #inagoodway #attherighttime #onwards #cosmicdandy #powergarment #yellowknittedsocksnotshown #fullstop #lastpar #finaledition #turnthepage #newchapter #printmetaphors #stopIGing #andopenthedoor #byebyeGuardian #hellofuture

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