The really quite super @psychoknitter

The really quite super @psychoknitter asked me and my #4plycooperative comrades #widn. Aside from still being overwhelmed by all the lovely, kind, supportive messages on yesterday’s post — I am going to print them out, and keep them for confidence-boosting — what I’m doing right now is entering the final phase of hangover: planning for what comes next. Which is a nice train ride up to #Yarningham in the morning, and lots of #knitters to meet. The first set of Saturday socks are finished, so on with the next, which will be @nessatownley’s I Heart Bees pattern, in @coopknits’s Socks Yeah! Sphene shade. This project is 100% copied from @eldenwood_craft, who has been taking lovely pics of her wip, and the yarn is more honey-golden than in these end-of-day pics. The hangover was well earned; yesterday was a lot of different feelings that I haven’t fully sorted through yet, and then hearing about the horrors in Nice. But it was great knowing you lot were cheering me on. OK, I have remembered that there is a poor lonely Lindt bunny at the back of the “interesting” cupboard, so I will see what’s to be done about that. What are you up to this July evening, fellow Yarninghammers @heckythump1, @the_ellipsissy and @brityarn? #knitter #sockknitting #sockknittersofinstagram #socksyeah #iheartbees #summersockskal #yellow #gold #honeyhoney #sugarsugar #buzzbuzzbuzz

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