Ah, what a lovely shade of faux-wood

Ah, what a lovely shade of faux-wood this Virgin Trains table is. I’m off to #Yarningham today, a bit bleary-eyed and minus my notions pouch, aargh, but in possession of #coffee, #knitting and the #TravellingSock, which had a jaunt round @ofblithespirit’s hood, then popped up at @wildandwoollyshop on Wednesday, where more rows were added by Margareta @spoilingdoilies, Drue, Suzana, @vergeetmijnietjes, @thearchicrafter; and just now me. Ends woven in, but will need to be trimmed by someone with scissors later today. And what on earth is that round thing, #theyouthofinstagram cry: it’s a portable CD player. One of my leaving presents was a compilation CD (Guardian people are totally cutting-edge) and this is just the right situation for it. Hope you all have a lovely Saturday, with your folk and some wool. Now to find the crank for this thing … #knitter #trainknitting #brumbound #choochoo #youarenotatoddler #hopetherestofthistabledontturnup #legroom

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