On the train from Birmingham to #Yarningham

On the train from Birmingham to #Yarningham, a woman crossed the aisle — literally — to semi-whisper “Bournville?” That nearest-station-based password sorted, we established some facts (she prefers blue to orange, wouldn’t call herself a knitter, and had got out of the house for the day so a fence that she didn’t agree with could be built), and met up with some #summersockskal folk at P Cafe, just down the road from the fest (glad you could make it, @pokedagoblin, Chris, Sarah, @justknitmycupoftea, @the_ellipsissy and @ruth_crafts). Sandra from the train had asked what I wanted to get today, I think expecting a list of yarn. That was partly what today was about, with the pull of an indigo skein from @inthewoolshed, and a skein by @joknitsew that reminded me of a summery pudding my mum makes. I made the most of elbow space at the @textilegarden and picked up some snips at @beyond_measure_uk, who had the stall opposite us at Edinburgh. We all wandered separately but convened at times for cake (green) and later in the British Oak nearby for beer (not green), with @brityarn, @heckythump1 and @sylvie_labellevie. It is quite lovely thinking that I will know these people for as long as I am a knitter, even if we only meet up in person once or twice a year. And that was my answer to Sandra: I had come to spend time with my people. Lucky us that that we could do this at a small-but-perfectly formed yarn festival, where we could see pretty things, choose our favourites, and then swap stories about many more things than yarn. Nice one #Yarningham! I hope this the start of a tradition. #knitter #knitting #yarnonatrain #knitterontour #knitterneedingawee #canIholdout #lovelyday #woolheads

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