🎵Oh I do like to be [packing for for a holiday] beside the seaside🎵

🎵Oh I do like to be [packing for for a holiday] beside the seaside🎵 Clothes? 2 x rainy, 2 x sunny. A coat, sandals, sunglasses and an umbrella. Rucksack full of oatcakes, apples and children’s magazines. Children’s clothes, plus spare pants. And spare spare pants. Emergency Spirograph. Oh, and the really important kit: the knitting. Six #sock #wips and a #shawl. Stowed in their own project bags, they all fit in this BIG (30cm h x 30cm w x 15cm deep) bag, created this spring for @wildandwoollyshop by @gailswindyday, to follow the single-project-size @truebritknits bags that were launched last year. This version is made from thick #denim, and has multiple pockets inside for notions (memo to self: don’t forget to pack these) and #whatnot. It is considerably larger than a Field Bag (but I do 💛 the yellow ones stocked by @labienaimee) AND it totally doubles as a pillow when full of wips. Perhaps if you are in a tent, and a child has encroached on to your actual pillow, and is too cute to move. I can vouch for this. The #summersockskal has removed all elements of decision-making: I will take all 7, with a couple of those functioning as emergency understudies. Just in case. Brrr, just imagine what that kind of emergency looks like. No thanks. If you’re setting off on holidays soon, I thoroughly recommend one of these handmade beauties. (If you snaffle one, say you saw this post, and Anna might let me have the big teacup next knit night. Joke. They are all the same size.) #knitter #sockknittter #shawlknitter #travelknitting #holidayknitting #projectbag #holidaybag #knittersbag #notgonnaneedabiggerbag #wildandwoolly #seaside #holiday #bringitonbroadstairs #mustnotforgetnotions
Wips begin with Thursday’s at bottom left, then go round clockwise. FOs, of which more another time, also feature.

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July 21, 2016 at 06:58AM


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