Standing on rickety garden furniture in the name of #FOtography

Standing on rickety garden furniture in the name of #FOtography. I would have been nearer an edge, but was about to go pick up children from last days, so thought it best to preserve limbs. Yarn is @thewoolkitchen’s Day at the Beach colourway (her Etsy shop is closed for a week, but I’ve got a wishlist) in @knitsharelove’s #GrellowLove ankle #sock pattern. Just under 50g for my size 7s (UK). There is something about #anklesocks that makes me think of #tennis, #adolescence, and #JillyCooper. This train of thought leads me to the bum-scratching tennis player of #Athena poster fame: was she wearing ankle socks?? Who can say. It was lovely giving the ankles an airing while feet remained snug, and as you only knit half a sock, I really get the point of making them. Today’s project has been some @easyknitter yarn in a lacey @coopknits pattern. But I’ve made it to bed before 10 so it’s going to be lights out, R4 on, and some quality 💤 before the non-yarn packing happens tomorrow morning. End of term feels like the end of a decathlon — #parentsofinstagram, does it get easier? #knitter #knitting #morelikelysleeping #summerinsomnia #begone #zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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July 21, 2016 at 09:56PM


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