Five more hours of passengerhood

Five more hours of passengerhood left today, and this ball of The #Cryptozoologist Unicorn Sock yarn, which I think was part of a @yantantetherayarns dye club in March last year. Or maybe the year before. The colourway is Lichen Licked, with flecks of mustardy lichen among the oxidised copper. One of my art & design GCSE projects was a Hockney-esque photo montage of Pittville Pump Room, all shades of Regency stone and this #turquoise. So that’s why I bought it, whenever it was. Now it is one of those infamous secret test knits, which is getting a good crack today courtesy of the M1 and its delays. Side fact: we have been singing along to The Bends, and as we reached the chorus of Hugh & Dry, we passed a lorry with High & Dry in huge letters on it. #Coincimental. #knitter #knitting #knittersofinstagram #sockknitter #summersockskal #sockknitting #m1 #placesyoucanknit #radiohead #1995 #theNORTH #inGoTstyle

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August 03, 2016 at 01:00PM


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