Reception at the end of the garden!

Reception at the end of the garden! Big blue #Cumbrian skies, and the tiny start of a #sock, in coordinating blue & white, with a dash of #yellow, added by an enthusiastically painting child in the vicinity. The yellow will vanish in the wash, but until then it can hang out while the toe gains the rest of the sock. This pair are largely improvised, and include the famous #FishLipsKissHeel, which @vinca56 was very enthusiastic about on the train to Paris last week (doesn’t that sound cosmopolitan?) She kindly gifted me the pattern, which runs to a lot of pages but contains the most memorable heel I’ve yet knitted — and for just $1. I thought the gusset&flap style was the only sort that accommodated high insteps, but the FLK fits like a (foot)glove [Ed: don’t you mean sock?] Happy Friday, wherever/whenever you are: May yours contain your favourite kind of sky, proximity to your people and quality time with your yarn. #summersockskal #sockknitting #sockknitter #sockysocksocks #handknitsocks #handpaintedyarn #knitting #knitter #lyingonalawn #listeningtosheep #andthewindinthetrees

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August 05, 2016 at 04:05PM


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