Unexpected treat on a stop in #Clapham, North Yorkshire

Unexpected treat on a stop in #Clapham, North Yorkshire — just off the #A65, transport fans — where Mr Words once went on a character-building school holiday that ended in not exactly a rescue, more of a retrieval. Anyway, we stopped there briefly, and saw this beauty of a #woolshop, @becksideyarns. Two floors of all kinds of yarns and colours, with an extensive selection of notions and accessories. Before Mr Words mounted his own retrieval mission, Child 2 and I picked out two skeins of chunky British wool from Artesano, which will be this winter’s stripey hats, and I then eyed up a great pool of self-patterning #sockyarn. But held firm. Sandra and her sister, Jenny, and I discussed the British wool industry: it hadn’t occurred to me before that so much #Britishwool is exported, and sold back to us as exotic Italian or Japanese imports, without a trace of its origin. Interesting. On another note, I feel my sheep-identification skills could be improved, and that this would introduce variety into the “look, there’s a sheep” distraction tactics. #knitter #knitting #placesyoucanbuywool #becksideyarns #lys #werenearlythere #looktheresasheep

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August 06, 2016 at 12:57PM


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