From their holidays in eastern France and southern England

From their holidays in eastern France and southern England, @fromcinthia and @thewoolkitchen asked #widn. After a day of #techediting (hats, socks, and planning for big projects), I have half an hour before #childretrievaltime, and thought I’d assess the state of my #summersockskal #wips. From top left: the second of a pair of vanilla #socks in an #Opal 💙💛 colourway; #IHeartBees in Socks Yeah! (previous tangling was the result of me tensioning the yarn too tight, inspection reveals); #Wendel in @yarncarnival Beet, v close to finishing; #Lilybet by @coopknits in @easyknitter yarn. I’d love to finish all 4 pairs by 15 Sept, and may throw all my rules about particular pairs on particular days out of the window to get that done. Not pictured: a 75%-done own design, a secret test knit, and a second little pair of strawberry socks. That have not yet been cast on. #knitter #timebender #sockknittersofinstagram #sockknitter #sockyarn #sockknitting

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August 16, 2016 at 05:03PM


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