🎵You’ve found that special thing/ You’re flying without wings🎵

🎵You’ve found that special thing/ You’re flying without wings🎵 How on earth did Westlife get in here, you may ask? Well, can you see that large mountain in the background? Last Thursday morning, my 5yo Child 1 paraglided off it, in the company of a reliable man called Jean-Charles. While that was going on, I self-medicated with this lovely #sockknitting (a test knit for @thesweatercollective in gorgeous @travelknitter yarn, colourway is Jaipur) and let my needles calm the rather intense fretting. Really rather intense. Amid the fretting was the thought that at 5, she was already doing something I’d never done. Next year, maybe I’ll try it. Maybe. Back to the story: 15 minutes later, they had landed, all fine, and with a video showing the intense glee of a child flying above a forest, “like an owl”. But she isn’t in a rush to do it again (phew). #summerholiday #chamonix #france #paragliding #parapenting #paranoidparent #thankgoodnessforknitting #backonthegroundnow #andbackhome #twomoredaysuntilschool

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September 05, 2016 at 08:27AM


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