🎵It’s a stitch-marker line, man🎵

🎵And I need you more than want you/ And I want you for all time/ It’s a stitch-marker line, man🎵 Just a week left until the end of the #summersockskal! Have you had fun? Here is my final pair, @nessatownley’s #IHeartBees, knitted in @coopknits #yarn, copied 100% from @eldenwood_craft’s lovely pair. It’s a light 4ply, and the design has extra sts to balance out the relative firmness of the cabled fabric, so has been slow going BUT they are very slinky and extremely pleasing on the feet. The equally extremely tenuous lyrical link is to that line of stitch markers: rather than continually test the length by trying socks on, I do the following calculation: (Length needed [my foot length – length specified for toe] / 10) x my row gauge over 10cm (measured over sole stitches once there are enough rows to be useful). For this one, (22/10)x45=99. And then I put in a marker every 10 rows, and carry on like that up to 99, then work the toe. No need to fret about measuring them, nice steady quantifiable progress. Mmm-hmm. #thatshowIroll #sockknitter #sockknitting #stitchmarkersfordays #sockyarn #socksyeah #knitter #icelollybreak #sohot #knittersofinstagram #wichitalineman #stillontheline #stuckinmyhead #backtotheediting

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September 07, 2016 at 03:42PM


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