You can’t have missed the many posts on IG and Twitter today hijacking @campaignforwool’s #woolworks hashtag. The inspiring @wovemberwool team, who are behind this action (you can read more about them at on the Wovember site), have called for some consciousness-raising, so here’s my bit.
There are many terrific shopowners, both online and bricks-and-mortar, championing British #wool. One very close to my heart is Wild and Woolly in Clapton, east London. Two years after Anna Feldman opened her doors, she has created an amazing, strong community of knitters and crocheters; supported and encouraged individual dyers, designers and small-scale handcrafters from all over Britain; co-created the East London Yarn Triangle with @knitwithattitude and @barleymassey; hosted yarn-tasting nights (with cheese to match the breeds) and done her smiley utmost to promote the delights of wool. Her teachers, such as the fantastic @probablyjane, give people the skills to take up #hooks and #needles, and start creating with wool, and the shop is also home to a unique wool professionals forum that promotes collaboration and business growth. @wildandwoollyshop, and people like her, show that #woolworks: our corner of the industry is creative, thriving and should not be overlooked. There is big money in wool sold for #carpets; but there is a beating heart and passionate soul woven into wool sold for #crafts.
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September 09, 2016 at 02:16PM


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