There Will Be Socks (Part Deux)

There Will Be Socks (Part Deux). Thank you very much for all the sock ❤️ and comments on my last post. Great pattern and yarn, eh? Today’s #FO is a pair of socks that I had fun #Prismatising at the start of the summer. The yarn is @oldmaidenaunt’s merino/nylon/gold stellina mix, in the True Colours colourway she has been dyeing since the horrific attack in Orlando in June. Lilith donates £5 from each skein to @stonewalluk, with over £500 sent to them so far. I chose this yarn to match the prettiness of @ruth_crafts’s #Kittiwake sock pattern, which she had just released. Ruth and I met at @joelicreates’ inspiring retreat last February, and she has plenty more pretty designs up her sleeve. And on them. Socks always have a bit of emotion knitted into them, deliberately or otherwise, and these ones have quite a bit — can you see it glitter? Ps I spent this morning editing a novel (not mine), so things do happen that aren’t wool-based. They just are harder to show. Tomorrow: more #socks.
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September 13, 2016 at 12:24PM


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