I had thought I was being possibly a bit niche yesterday

I had thought I was being possibly a bit niche yesterday by waiting a few seconds for the display on the station clock to end 345, but @foxesmakesandbakes and my brother, @nicholashodsdon, pointed out that if I had waited another 47 seconds, it would have been 06:54:32. I salute you both. @gem.davis, while #knitting a #sock, asked #widn: I am now on the train back to London, having stayed with my dear cousin @anne__bee. A lovely day, with tea, this week’s University Challenge (1 question right each) and lots of high-quality chat about slowing down and listening to your self. Yesterday my self was saying “somewhere in the 180 stalls at #Yarndale is a skein of #sockyarn that somehow contains all the colours that make you happy”. And look, I found it! Last purchase of the day, from the #FiveMoons stand. There is much to think about from yesterday, and lots more to show you, but it’s time to put down the phone and watch some countryside roll by in the rather lovely #sunshine. Would you like to share what you’re doing now, @foxesmakesandbakes, @nicholashodsdon, @lovecraftsandbeer and @knitsharelove?
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September 25, 2016 at 03:55PM


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