I find myself in one of those holding zones

I find myself in one of those holding zones that #airports like to create, where there is a distinct lack of anything — oh no, wait, we do have plenty of time on our hands — particularly chairs. The room is some kind of architectural gall bladder: not entirely necessary, just a bilious backwater in the journey from one place to another. Hey ho. It’s the end of our #Berlin jaunt: three days of catching up with friends and their families, watching #hipsters of all nationalities, and being confronted yesterday by the very thoroughly enforced “non-fabric” sauna rules. Readers: I chickened out and #knitted by the pool instead. The picture above is from earlier today, one of many coffee stops in #Kreutzberg. Regular readers will recognise this sock, knitted in @goldingyarns’ Kreutzberg colourway, which I really should have photographed against some of the abundant graffiti for camouflage purposes. OK, people with makeup on are rearranging things noisily: perhaps it’s time to progress further through the airport’s intestines. Let’s leave that metaphor there. #knitter #knittersofinstagram #knitstagram #sockknitter #sockyarn #goldingyarns #fineanddandysocks #traveller #berlinschonefeld #endlesscorridors #whodesignsairports #Ihaveafewsuggestions

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October 10, 2016 at 09:18PM


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