I’m just settling down to the evening’s #knit

I’m just settling down to the evening’s #knit — there’s your answer to #widn, @neuroticpandora. No bunnies here, but some very satisfying jumbo #smocking on this hat by @thesweatercollective. It’s called Winter Dusk, and I’m using a skein of @labienaimee, bought at EYF last year. @katherine.lymer was asking people today about how they manage #yarndesire v #yarnstash, and I replied that one of my rules is to use up yarn bought at a show, before going to the next year’s show. I remembered about this rule at the weekend, and cast this on quick smart. La Bien Aimee will be at EYF again this year, and I may well fall for this colourway — Le Littoral — all over again. C’est la vie. What are you up to, @kimknitessex, @muirandco and @harveyknits? #knitter #knittersofinstagram #knitstagram #hat #zings #labienaimeeyarn #winterduskhat

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January 25, 2017 at 07:16PM


Just back from a morning in my local cafe, #techediting

Just back from a morning in my local cafe, #techediting for @harveyknits (attention all knitters who have a pack of lovely mini-skeins, but not a clue what to do with them: her coming-soon shawl, Zastruga, is designed for you). I also came up with names for @sylvantigeryarn’s new base. One is serious, one is absolutely not. Which will Katie go for?? Anyway, back to the pic: the new #WoolTribe magazine has just landed! An amuse-bouche for #EYF2017, with patterns, essays and a vendor list. Let the planning commence! If you’re going, make a note of stall B2: home to the gorgeous yarns of @travelknitter and @thewoolkitchen (I read Helen’s dye list yesterday: colour-lovers will be in yarn heaven!), which is where I’ll be hanging out. Hope to see you there #knitter #knittersofinstagram #knitstagram #yarnfestival #eyf #notlongnow #techeditor #brandconsulting #selfemployed #iloveit

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January 24, 2017 at 01:16PM


🎵Let’s drink a drink a drink/ to hats that are pink are pink are pink🎵

🎵Let’s drink a drink a drink/ to hats that are pink are pink are pink🎵 The last of the roasted #rhubarb, now in syrup form, is waiting for someone to come home with tonic, and transform it into a Friday-night highlight. My Twitter and IG feeds are full of people planning for the marches tomorrow, mostly with #pussyhats in hand — and sometimes still on the needles. I won’t make it to the London march, but 💪💪💪 to everyone who is taking part, supporting someone else who is, and of course those who have knitted hats. Thank you for representing. The 6yo and 3yo make farting noises when they hear Tr*mp’s name on the radio, which is a start, right? #knittersofinstagram #knitstagram #rhubarbrhubarbrhubarb

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January 20, 2017 at 07:23PM


You know it will be a good day when …

You know it will be a good day when … your #sockknitting matches the bus upholstery. Yarn by @sylvie_phileasyarns (colourway is Fjord, rather than Bus Seat), pattern is @louisetilbrookdesigns’ Grassguards, bus is the #341 to Angel, where I am meeting a yarn-dyer to fondle and discuss her new yarn base, and brainstorm some brand/marketing ideas. My mind never stops ticking over, and I love using all I know about the wool industry to help people plan what they could do next. Also, my clients often buy #cake. These socks took a break during the winter, but today’s sunshine, hot on the heels of yesterday’s, is whispering thoughts of spring, and longer days. I hope you’re getting a hint of this regrowth and seasonal promise too. #knitter #sockknitter #techeditor #brandconsulting #selfemployed #iloveit #onwards #greentrafficlightsmostoftheway #londontransportrealness

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January 19, 2017 at 11:14AM


Lunchbreak parcel-opening treat time!

Lunchbreak parcel-opening treat time! I took part in a stash yarn swap organised by @psychoknitter, and was paired with the charming @sylvie_phileasyarns. Fresh from tropical holidays, she sent me this beautiful sunset skein, plus a lovely pouch — for chocolate or notions? — and various local consumables. Thank you, Sylvie! Perfect skein choice. Here in London, the sun is out, it’s warm enough to have the window open a crack: with some imagination I am on the same beach that Sylvie was last fortnight, wearing a minimal tie-dyed garment (this is me now), cocktail glass in hand, watching the sun set. It’s a lovely feeling, having souvenirs from a woolly friend — and a gorgeous new-to-me skein. The label is quite sparse — Sylvie filled me in about its origins (Oregon, via @gingertwiststudio) — but has anyone knitted with it? Right, back to the desk, where new patterns from @knitsharelove and @owlprintpanda await, and meetings are being arranged with yarn dyers and designers. #techeditor #techediting #brandconsulting #iloveit #selfemployed #knitter #knittersofinstagram #knitstagram #newwool #yarnswap #sunsetinaskein #ohforsandbetweenmytoes

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January 18, 2017 at 02:15PM


My lovely friend @vinca56 asked #widn

My lovely friend @vinca56 asked #widn — how about this for a serene Sunday morning? A candle and everything! Must be the extra hour in bed (thanks, family). There’s my #WorstedBoxy, which needs the ends weaving in and sleeves lengthening. And yesterday’s project, some #sashiko. My brother (hello @nicholashodsdon!) brought me some kits back from a holiday recently (come to think about it, maybe 3 years ago), and the minimalism appealed to me. It’s like a dot-to-dot, but with thread. This one isn’t as neat as previous efforts, but the process is extremely pleasing #repetitiveactions. If I haven’t got something to be doing, then I fiddle, so I may as well do creative fiddling. To add to the serenity of the picture, jut out of frame two children play games of peril; as the peril increases, so do the “American” accents. The 6yo introduces orphans and death, the 3yo mostly contributes “bumbumwillyfartpoo”. What are you up to, my #EYF-flatmates @travelknitter and @thewoolkitchen? #knitter #knittersofinstagram #knitstagram #sewing #needlecraft #multicraftual #onceinabluemoon #sereneSunday #again #onceinabluemoon

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January 15, 2017 at 09:38AM


Two wonderfully warm woollies from today’s school run

Two wonderfully warm woollies from today’s school run, the catwalk des jours. A pair of Simple Chunky Mittens by @tinydinostudios, made for the “Arctic plunge” of December 2012 (my Rav project page says it was -2C in London), from the now defunct Colinette’s Graffiti yarn. So warm, and dense as oven gloves. The blanket is a wider version of Jesse Loesberg’s #Danica scarf, which Ravelry tells me I made in October 2014, with the note “Just. What. I. Needed.” The yarn is @rowanyarns’ discontinued Colourscape Chunky in the Cherry colourway. I’m a big fan of this yarn, though for this project removed the sections that veered too far from pink/red. A lesson learned from Noro. #Entrelac is one of those #knitting techniques is totally baffling until you jump in and try it — and becomes very addictive, in an After Eight-esque, “one more square” way. I happen to to know that @ruth_crafts has an entrelac design in the works — go lurk on her feed if you’re intrigued. Happy Friday everyone — may your #knitwear be proudly #knitworn. #knitter #knittersofinstagram #knitstagram #coldsnap #therewasactualsnowtoday #allgonenow #wellinsulated

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January 13, 2017 at 04:28PM