Lunchbreak parcel-opening treat time!

Lunchbreak parcel-opening treat time! I took part in a stash yarn swap organised by @psychoknitter, and was paired with the charming @sylvie_phileasyarns. Fresh from tropical holidays, she sent me this beautiful sunset skein, plus a lovely pouch — for chocolate or notions? — and various local consumables. Thank you, Sylvie! Perfect skein choice. Here in London, the sun is out, it’s warm enough to have the window open a crack: with some imagination I am on the same beach that Sylvie was last fortnight, wearing a minimal tie-dyed garment (this is me now), cocktail glass in hand, watching the sun set. It’s a lovely feeling, having souvenirs from a woolly friend — and a gorgeous new-to-me skein. The label is quite sparse — Sylvie filled me in about its origins (Oregon, via @gingertwiststudio) — but has anyone knitted with it? Right, back to the desk, where new patterns from @knitsharelove and @owlprintpanda await, and meetings are being arranged with yarn dyers and designers. #techeditor #techediting #brandconsulting #iloveit #selfemployed #knitter #knittersofinstagram #knitstagram #newwool #yarnswap #sunsetinaskein #ohforsandbetweenmytoes

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January 18, 2017 at 02:15PM


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