I missed a #widn tag!

I missed a #widn tag! @stitchbirdie, aka Lorna Reid, creator of lovely things and designer of the charming sewing pattern in the Old Maiden Aunt book — have you ordered yours? see the link on @oldmaidenaunt’s page — asked me a couple of nights ago but I missed it, oops. So here’s what I’m doing now: winding another ball for my Siri cardigan. Smugly, I have just finished a whole sleeve before doing the last few inches of stocking stitch on the body. And used a new-to-me bind-off for the ribbed sleeve cuff that is kind of like Kitchener stitch but worked flat: search for “invisible ribbed bind-off”. Lots neater than my usual “bind off in rib”. Wait a minute, why do I, a speaker of British English, use “bind off” rather than “cast off”? Because it has a different abbreviation to “cast on”. I was burnt by CO confusion as a less-experienced knitter, and now watch out for that trap while I’m #techediting. As I step down from that small soapbox, I’ll ask a couple of fellow OMA team members: what are you up, @jenireid and @woollenflower? #knitter #knitstagram #knittersofinstagram #caston #castoff #bindoff #nottodaysleeveisland #newballsplease🎾

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February 09, 2017 at 08:34PM


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