My first #knitting #tools were a pair of brightly coloured straight needles

My first #knitting #tools were a pair of brightly coloured straight ones that @looplondonloves used to stock: made from casein, and very cheery. At some point I started using circulars, and have never gone back. First came the cheap but grey and joyless Pony needles (default John Lewis brand), then Addi, and now my favourites are @knitproeu Zings: colour-coded by size for easy identification. I can hear (some of) you (OK, just you) marvelling at my #needlestoragesolution. Made by Mr Words in frustration at a previous iteration that was rather less visually pleasing (a sturdy carrier bag), it is a simple wooden box, perfectly sized to store circular needles in their packets. They are sorted by size, with a “misc” area at the back for crochet hooks and a small amount of dpns. #iloveit. And the smaller, cardboard box is #purgatory, a holding area for packetless needles and needleless packets until their partners emerge from project bags/rucksacks/sofas. I let the chaos mount up then spend a pleasant 10 minutes doing “reconciliation”. A spreadsheet also exists. If you’d like to sort your needles out in the same way but didn’t keep the original packaging, you can buy plastic packets online cheaply, or make them out of paper. The satisfaction of having everything back in this box, and in order, is … mmm, I hope you can experience your own, similar pleasure. Sudden realisation: this is what my dad and grandad do/used to do with their tools, using shapes on pegboard, and neatly labelled nuts&bolts&washers drawers. #itsgenetic #nohope #knitter #knittersofinstagram #knitstagram #knittingneedles #circulars #neat #aplaceforeverything #andeverythinginitsplace #yarnlovechallenge

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February 09, 2017 at 03:22PM


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