Actual flipping #sunshine!! If you sit in a sunny bit, it is warm!!!

Actual flipping #sunshine!! If you sit in a sunny bit, it is warm!!!(Fighting my inner Garfield at this point.) So, this was the post meant for Friday’s #yarnlovechallenge on the subject of #oldeststash. Friday … was a non-school day, with all that entails. Anyway. These cheery shades of @rowanyarns #kidsilkhaze — looking so much juicier in the sunshine — entered my stash in about 2009, directly inspired by @janebrocket’s stunningly colourful Yarnstorm blog. Among the tulips and cakes were pictures of this yarn, just because it looked nice together. Not because it was about to be knitted, but just because it made her happy. It made me happy, too, and I started thinking about what I bought in a different way. Goodbye, random purchases from eBay: hello, thinking about colour and quality. The pink has been used in many projects (inc last year’s Cosmic Dandy), the green was an early lace project (mohair and lace, so pretty, so prone to woe) and the orange reminds me of my sister’s hair. They remain precious, and it’s lovely to see them out in the light. 😍#knitter #knittersofinstagram #knitstagram #kidsilkhaze #kidsilkcrack #somecallit #wibblewobble #jellyonaplate

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February 13, 2017 at 02:33PM


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