I’m playing day 3 of the #yarnlovechallenge with a straight bat

I’m playing day 3 of the #yarnlovechallenge with a straight bat: here’s what I am #currentlymaking. A #siricardigan by @clara.linnea, using “Pirkanmaan kotityö Paksu pirkkalanka”, a worsted-weight pure #wool bought from @midwinteryarns at the #iknitfandango in 2015. The colour is pretty accurate in the pic: a pesto-green that is one of my favourites. Knit from the top down, this cardigan has a hefty yoke dense with twisted stitches. It’s slow going but I’m enjoying the pace. Green shoots pushing up through the winter soil. #knitter #knittersofinstagram #knitstagram #springisroundthecorner #icansmellit #oristhatthebin

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February 03, 2017 at 11:21AM


Blue-faced or Bluefaced? Yarn over or yarnover? K tbl or ktbl?

Blue-faced or Bluefaced? Yarn over or yarnover? K tbl or ktbl? The red pen squiggles are the standard #proofreading mark for #closeup; remove the space. While working as a temp at a magazine, doing nothing more challenging than filling up printers and answering calls from advertisers frustrated by mistakes in the ads, something clicked. I did a night course in proofreading, asked the sales agents to run the ads past me before they went to production, and the phone rang less (bonus). The Guardian had always been my Saturday read, and mistakes started leaping out there too. Then came an ad for a subeditor on the paper’ Society section, something several thousand rungs above printer-paper-fetcher. I put my entire being into the application, fluked an interview, didn’t get that job but was given a trial shift, and began my newspaper career. Give me a piece of text to edit and something clicks into place, a kind of vision that spots a rogue double space, odd font or erroneous word order before I really know what’s wrong. Not such a useful skill as midwifery, for example, but it’s what’s in my particular arsenal. I shall now invoke Muprhy’s law: “If you write anything criticizing editing or proofreading, there will be a fault of some kind in what you have written.” #knitter #knittersofinstagram #knitstagram #yarnlovechallenge #squaredpaper #myfavourite #proofreader #techeditor

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February 02, 2017 at 02:05PM


🎵Hello, I love you, won’t you tell me your name?🎵

🎵Hello, I love you, won’t you tell me your name?🎵 I’ve really enjoyed reading other people’s #yarnlovechallenge #introductions, so here’s mine, list-style.
1. I like lists.
2. My name is Amelia, I’m 38, and come from Cheltenham. But have lived in London since coming here for university.
3. I have 2 children, aka Child 1 and Child 2. They are small and loud.
4. After studying anthropology & linguistics, I worked for Waterstones, Granta, and then the Guardian for a long time. All very word-centric. I love words.
5. Wool, and knitting, entered my life in 2006, and now I earn my living from it, working full-time as a tech editor for knitting designers.
6. I love my job.
7. The jolly picture above was taken by Helen, aka @thewoolkitchen, dyer of colourful yarn (hers is the pink). The shawl is @julieknitsinparis’ Cosmic Dandy. 💗💗💗
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February 01, 2017 at 08:43PM