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I work as a copyeditor and proofreader, and also as a specialist tech editor for knitting patterns, collections and books. You can read a selection of recent testimonials from my lovely clients on my … wait for it … Testimonials page.

Copyediting and proofreading

My standard rate is £35/hour (approx 1,000 words) for copyediting  or proofreading; please contact me for a quote specific to your patterns. I will provide flat-rate estimates for larger projects.

I worked at the Guardian newspaper and website for 13 years, first as a subeditor, and then for a decade as a production editor, responsible for Family, Media and Do Something in turn. I worked on pretty much every part of the paper, and on every kind of content — from front-page headlines, opinion pieces by the paper’s editor and in-depth investigations to the fine detail of crossword solutions and emotional first-person pieces.
I was co-editor of the Guardian and Observer’s style guide, and as well as continually updating and expanding the online guide, co-ran the Guardian Style Twitter account (64k followers), co-edited the most recent published edition, edited pieces for the popular Mind Your Language blog, and in 2008 helped to broker the amalgamation of the style guides used separately by the Guardian and Observer. I also worked for the Guardian’s readers’ editor’s department, helping to investigate complaints by readers.
In addition, I have copy-edited and proofread numerous Guardian books (inc What Went Wrong, Gordon Brown?; Women of the Revolution: Forty Years of Feminism; Two Wheels: Thoughts from the Bike Lane) and in a non-Guardian guise co-edited The Decadent Handbook for the Modern Libertine (Dedalus Books, 2007), and proofread The Shi’ite Movement in Iraq (Saqi Books, 2003).
Software-wise, I am highly proficient in Adobe InDesign and InCopy.
For examples of my writing style, please see my microblogs on Instagram (where I am @woollenwords), and my pieces published in the Guardian.

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Tech editing

My standard rate is £35/hour for tech editing; please contact me for a quote specific to your patterns. I will provide flat-rate estimates for larger projects.

My standard tech-editing service includes:
* checking all mathematics, including schematics
* checking charts
* copy-editing all text
* applying your style sheet, or my standard one
* making sure your pattern is clear, consistent and accurate

You can read testimonials from a selection of my current clients on my Testimonials page. It’s all true, down to my tea-making abilities.

I can also help you to develop a style sheet or pattern template, and assist you with pattern layout using InDesign (at my usual hourly rate).

If your patterns have been published in magazines, and you would now like to reformat them for self-publication on Ravelry (for example), I can help you with that. Or if you are submitting designs to a magazine, I can look over your submission, to make sure it is in its best form and meets all the criteria.

Perhaps you have been selling your patterns for a while, and would like to have an informed discussion about what to do next. I provide a tailored consultation service to help you think about your potential avenues and direction. This could include assessing your existing patterns, and helping you decide how to maximise the return on your design time.

I have 13 years’ editing experience at the Guardian newspaper and website, including a decade as a production editor, in charge of various sections, and was co-editor of the Guardian and Observer’s style guide. All this means that I am extremely professionally adept and trained to have an eye not just for the tiniest detail of text, numbers or layout, but also to have an appreciation of what the larger context is, and how to preserve your individual voice. Knitting has been an interest of mine for nearly 10 years, and I challenge myself to try out new techniques and styles of knitting. If you’d like to check out my 330+ Ravelry projects, my page is here, or you can see what I’m up to on Instagram (@woollenwords). I follow many designers, companies and bloggers, and have a good awareness of the market and current trends.
I have completed Joeli Creates’ tech editing course, and have since tech-edited patterns and books for Karie Westermann, Anna Maltz, Jamieson & Smith, Susan Crawford, Kate Bostwick, Rachel Atkinson, Quail Studio, Thea Colman, Libby Jonson, Carol Feller, Clare Devine, Ella Gordon, Louise Tilbrook, Jane Lithgow, Nick Davis, Sara Maternini and The Wool Kitchen, among others.

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