Here are some of the things my clients say about me:

Libby Jonson of Truly Myrtle Designs • pattern designer

Amelia is a total gem. Not only is she thorough, with a knowledge of grammar that I envy and an eagle eye for detail, I love how she gently suggests clearer and better ways of writing instructions and approaching designs. I’ve learnt a lot from her editing and I’m sure it’s made me a better designer.


Ella Gordon of Jamieson & Smith
pattern designer and 2016 Shetland Wool Week patron

Hap Cowl, by Ella Gordon

I have worked with Amelia on a number of projects and she is always extremely professional and quick at getting back to me. The first project we worked on together was a big one and she wasn’t daunted by the patterns, which were all written by different designers in lots of different styles. In my own designing, she has a very intuitive way of working that goes beyond the maths of the pattern, and she understands the style of pattern I am looking for. I would highly recommend her as a technical editor.

Louise Tilbrook of Louise Tilbrook Designs
pattern designer

Toffee Twist, by Louise Tilbrook

Amelia is always a delight to work with. She is professional, reliable and always on schedule – I can always rely on Amelia’s awesome “pattern wrangling” skills to get my designs ready for publication.

Helen Reed, of The Wool Kitchen
yarn dyer, and fledgling pattern designer

Starman, by Helen Reed

I first met Amelia in June 2015,  and we very quickly embarked on the woolhead journey that would make big changes to my business. Amelia has a fantastic way of making you feel comfortable talking about your ideas and making them become a reality. Tech editing is just one of her skills: she really gets to know your business and sees how it works to gain the full potential of what you want to achieve. I truly have gained a lifelong friend, however be warned: she makes terrible tea so meet in a cafe or be prepared to make your own!

Sara Maternini of La Cave à Laine
pattern designer

Bavarde, by Sara Maternini

Amelia is the best tech editor I have worked with. Not a space, a punctuation or the wrong measurements escape her! She’s very quick and super accurate and meticulous. She always gives the best suggestions to improve the readability of my patterns. There are no words to thank her for the work she’s done with my patterns!

Nick Davis of The Mouse Army Mitten Co
pattern designer

Winter Folk Cowl, by Nick Davis
Amelia’s tech editing has not only helped insure that individual patterns are as clear and concise as possible before going to publication, but has improved my approach to patterns in general. Amelia has always been surprisingly quick and refreshingly professional, with a good editing skillset and a flair for keeping the future knitter in mind. I’ve worked with her on several patterns, and look forward to continuing to do so in the future.

Anna Maltz
pattern designer, author of Penguin: A Knit Collection

Penguin: A Knit Collection, by Anna Maltz

It’s incredibly satisfying and fortifying to know that another smart, knitterly brain has paid incredibly close attention to what I do before it goes out into the big wide world on its own. I consider Amelia a key part of the creative process of making my work the best it can be. Penguin would not be the same without her.