On the train from Birmingham to #Yarningham

On the train from Birmingham to #Yarningham, a woman crossed the aisle — literally — to semi-whisper “Bournville?” That nearest-station-based password sorted, we established some facts (she prefers blue to orange, wouldn’t call herself a knitter, and had got out of the house for the day so a fence that she didn’t agree with could be built), and met up with some #summersockskal folk at P Cafe, just down the road from the fest (glad you could make it, @pokedagoblin, Chris, Sarah, @justknitmycupoftea, @the_ellipsissy and @ruth_crafts). Sandra from the train had asked what I wanted to get today, I think expecting a list of yarn. That was partly what today was about, with the pull of an indigo skein from @inthewoolshed, and a skein by @joknitsew that reminded me of a summery pudding my mum makes. I made the most of elbow space at the @textilegarden and picked up some snips at @beyond_measure_uk, who had the stall opposite us at Edinburgh. We all wandered separately but convened at times for cake (green) and later in the British Oak nearby for beer (not green), with @brityarn, @heckythump1 and @sylvie_labellevie. It is quite lovely thinking that I will know these people for as long as I am a knitter, even if we only meet up in person once or twice a year. And that was my answer to Sandra: I had come to spend time with my people. Lucky us that that we could do this at a small-but-perfectly formed yarn festival, where we could see pretty things, choose our favourites, and then swap stories about many more things than yarn. Nice one #Yarningham! I hope this the start of a tradition. #knitter #knitting #yarnonatrain #knitterontour #knitterneedingawee #canIholdout #lovelyday #woolheads

Ah, what a lovely shade of faux-wood

Ah, what a lovely shade of faux-wood this Virgin Trains table is. I’m off to #Yarningham today, a bit bleary-eyed and minus my notions pouch, aargh, but in possession of #coffee, #knitting and the #TravellingSock, which had a jaunt round @ofblithespirit’s hood, then popped up at @wildandwoollyshop on Wednesday, where more rows were added by Margareta @spoilingdoilies, Drue, Suzana, @vergeetmijnietjes, @thearchicrafter; and just now me. Ends woven in, but will need to be trimmed by someone with scissors later today. And what on earth is that round thing, #theyouthofinstagram cry: it’s a portable CD player. One of my leaving presents was a compilation CD (Guardian people are totally cutting-edge) and this is just the right situation for it. Hope you all have a lovely Saturday, with your folk and some wool. Now to find the crank for this thing … #knitter #trainknitting #brumbound #choochoo #youarenotatoddler #hopetherestofthistabledontturnup #legroom

The really quite super @psychoknitter

The really quite super @psychoknitter asked me and my #4plycooperative comrades #widn. Aside from still being overwhelmed by all the lovely, kind, supportive messages on yesterday’s post — I am going to print them out, and keep them for confidence-boosting — what I’m doing right now is entering the final phase of hangover: planning for what comes next. Which is a nice train ride up to #Yarningham in the morning, and lots of #knitters to meet. The first set of Saturday socks are finished, so on with the next, which will be @nessatownley’s I Heart Bees pattern, in @coopknits’s Socks Yeah! Sphene shade. This project is 100% copied from @eldenwood_craft, who has been taking lovely pics of her wip, and the yarn is more honey-golden than in these end-of-day pics. The hangover was well earned; yesterday was a lot of different feelings that I haven’t fully sorted through yet, and then hearing about the horrors in Nice. But it was great knowing you lot were cheering me on. OK, I have remembered that there is a poor lonely Lindt bunny at the back of the “interesting” cupboard, so I will see what’s to be done about that. What are you up to this July evening, fellow Yarninghammers @heckythump1, @the_ellipsissy and @brityarn? #knitter #sockknitting #sockknittersofinstagram #socksyeah #iheartbees #summersockskal #yellow #gold #honeyhoney #sugarsugar #buzzbuzzbuzz

🎵Diddle-oo-doo, diddle-oo-doo-doo / It’s the final countdown🎵

🎵Diddle-oo-doo, diddle-oo-doo-doo / It’s the final countdown🎵 So here I am, outside the place that has employed me for 13 years to write headlines, maintain linguistic standards, and change all instances of “Dr Who” to Doctor Who. It’s my last day today — henceforth I will be a freelancer, wielding my lance freely, in the general direction of words, always on the side of consistency, clarity and concision [Ed: Re that last one, clearly no one edits your posts. Me: This is true. Haha!] 🔍📝 ✂This has been a ginormous step to take. Thank you so much to all those friends (here and IRL) and family who have encouraged me, to the colleagues from whom I have learned so much (the first lesson was how to drink 3 pints mid-shift on the paper, come back and coherently subedit late-breaking stories for the next edition, though those days are long gone), and Mr Words for believing I can make it. Now to hand in my badge and gun (security pass and green visor), say toodle-pip to some very special folks and then try to last the course at the party tonight. My posts are likely to have at least as much emotion as wool in them for a bit… Here we go! #knitter #quitter #inagoodway #attherighttime #onwards #cosmicdandy #powergarment #yellowknittedsocksnotshown #fullstop #lastpar #finaledition #turnthepage #newchapter #printmetaphors #stopIGing #andopenthedoor #byebyeGuardian #hellofuture

The #knittylove is strong

The #knittylove is strong at @wildandwoollyshop’s knit night this evening. So many people, all so different, knitting all sorts of things — but I am rather pleased to be sitting next to Margareta, and her stripey #rainbows. Knit nights: just the tonic. #knitter #pimmsdrinker #sockknitter And the #TravellingSock is doing the rounds (boom boom)!

🎵And if one day I should become / A singer with a Spanish bum🎵

🎵And if one day I should become / A singer with a Spanish bum🎵 On my way to the @wildandwoollyshop late-night knitty lock-in (aka knit night), with a bit of light reading. What to start with? An illustrated spread on “cults” (The Steve, The Trendies, The Psychobilly, The Punk, The Casual)? A “down-to-earth guide to summer lovin'” A fashion feature called “Glove Story and Socks Appeal” (it includes socks)? This little beauty was waiting for me in one of Crouch End’s many charity shops, where you can also find 5-6y Mini Boden dresses for £6. The price has been cut off the flyleaf, so someone must have been given it as a present, back in the hot hot heat of 1987. I was 9, so couldn’t have answered “What is it about a bloke in uniform that makes some girls go weak at the knees?” Did you ever own a copy? #Jackie #jackieannual #1987 #containsknitwear #verylargeandfurry #retro #waybackwednesday Who gets the song reference? It will be stuck in my head all evening. Sorry, fellow #knitnighters. #claptonbound

Just a little one…

Here is my Wednesday #wip, @ruth_crafts’ #Kittiwake #socks, knitting up so prettily in @oldmaidenaunt’s new True Colours gorgeousness. I hope there is an Android version of the #Prisma app soon, but it could have an adverse effect on the economy; apologies to anyone else who has got sucked in… #prismaapp #prismaaddict #knitter #sockknitter #summersockskal #sockknittersofinstagram #ruthcrafts #oldmaidenaunt #sockittome
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