Version 2 These are some of my favourite online resources. I am also creating one of my own – follow @woollenwords on Twitter or Instagram, or sign up to my newsletter, to find out more in due course.

The Guardian and Observer Style Guide has never capitalised internet. Includes heavy metal umlauts.

Ravelry: it’s all there. And if it isn’t, you can ask about it.
Techknitting: “35 years of tricks want out of my mind & into yours”: Simple or fiddly, pretty much every knitting technique can be found on Techknitter’s site, with diagrams.
Stitchmastery is the software I use to create charts for knitting patterns; most of my clients do too.
Woolsack has all the information on British wool and breeds. is an online stitch dictionary, where you can search by the name of a stitch pattern or the number of stitches in a repeat, among others.